Wednesday, August 14, 2013

aabhar-mention not

aabhar-a local Gujarati term commonly used to thank someone, brings a smile to my face, as i forget the usage of merci and transform to a typical gujju girl, who once upon a time lived in france. little things you pick up from each country visited or stayed, become an indispensable part of oneself, no matter how long ago it has been since i last said merci beacoup. my head tilts and ears strain, when  hear bonjour , ca va or other french phrases around me. the mind starts to travel, to a small village in south of france, Aix where i went to school a year ago.  it used to be a norm to say merci to the bus driver in france, thank you to the taxi in new york and now dhanyavaad to the rickshawalla in India. soon, aavjo , take care and madiye replaced the au revoir and bon soir, as i try to settle back home.

but, with a hope of using merci and danke sometime soon.

Takk! :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do I want to remember this day?

As I walk home at 6:20 pm in the windy streets of Sag Harbor, I worry, of trees falling over me. As much as I love the noise of the trees, I fear the wrath of nature. I fear the aftermath of Sandy, its effects, loss it will cause to the millions who live on the east coast of the United States. Television across the continent may not give you a clear view of the reality here, as I read people post about being desperate to come here, to the wrecked east coast of USA.
Fallen tress, leaves on the ground, water everywhere and homeless people without any power at hand. No power to feed their phones, no power to do anything, against the power of nature.

as the MTA subway is flooded with water, the busses and subways and taxis stand still, with no where to go, as the roads are rein with water and fallen tress. Atlantic city, the city of casinos looks like maldives  or an ocean town now, battery park became venice last night, the bay at sag harbor roared like an angry lion, only to flood the bay street by ankle deep water. Our backyard was flooded with leaves, without any visible ground. Millions were powerless and thousands took shelter in the rescue lands of the government help. Another billion may have called the emergency helplines to learn about their loved ones, to know about their safety, relived like me, by just one text that says-OK.

I can only describe what I see, but the damage caused can be felt only by those who experienced it. I wonder if I want to remember this day, and yes I do, as I faced the fierce storm of the history.
May Sandy never come back again.

flooded bay street at sag harbor

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Indian Gaudi? Nek Chand!

As I do some research for my project for the colors and trends in future, i came upon this incredible rock garden in the city of Chandigarh, made by a one man army, Nek Chand. They story behind it being incredible, I was curious to read more and finally write about it.

So, he started collecting waste materials resulting from demolition for Cobussier’s  construction and started making sculptures in the forest of Chandigarh. Only after 15 years government officials discovered this sustainable art and decided to keep it, after much debate! (Indian government system)
He was appointed the chief architect for some continuos income and given 50 laborers to keep his vision of the garden going and come up with a wonder of India, the 2nd poplar place visited in the country after Taj Mahal! And I JUST discovered this, sitting in NYC!
Is’nt he like Gaudi of India? But, his art is affordable to view, with 10 Rs as the garden fees compared to Gaudi’s 35 Euros in Barcelona!
India, incredible India!

Glimpses of the garden!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drinking Traditions!

When a child is born in France, his finger is dipped in wine and he is made to taste the first blend he will enjoy forever! Strange are drinking or birth customs in countries that it makes me wonder of our ‘bhaang’ and ‘thandai’ and ‘mundan’ ! My Chinese room mate’s father makes her drink until she passes out, to train her for her study abroad and job opportunities, so she becomes strong and keeps her senses alive, even after ten shots of Vodka !

the wine put me to sleep !

rose or white?

Where is the cheese?

Where is the cheese in the cheese cake I thought, when I got my first spongy desert and was introduced to the land of cheese, France!

Provolone, Brie, Cheddar, parmesan, blue cheese, goat cheese, Mozzarella!!! There is so much variety compared to the land of Amul and cottage cheese, that everyday is a new learning in the food world. As I walk the grocery store, I try to remember and recognize the varieties I have tried and I liked, so I could pick them again! I enjoyed the garlic and herb goat cheese, Kim got home but I am going back for more Mozzarella, thanks to its soft texture and tomato partner and of course the fancy name, just like I buy drinks by names! ;) On the rocks!

Who grated my cheese??? :D

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Movie conversations~!

Movies can be great conversation starters or even comments! As I host at Page at 63 Main restaurant, my manager who recently met with an accident and walks on crutches, limped by. He says, I feel like Lieutenant Dan from Forest Gump ! and I could not control my laughter as I caught the joke only because I had seen the movie 3 days ago thanks to my landlords large collection of films!

One day I asked my boss, what would be the dress code in office and he said, ‘’Don’t worry its not like The Devil Wears Prada, its very casual here!” and I could not help giggling ! Ha ha!

So , save some time folks and go watch some nice movies instead of Facebooking! and then of course, post your status as, MUST WATCH MOVIES-and list them down! ;)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Merci thank you xie xie!

While I rode back to my dorm with an American, we practiced some Chinese on the way to prepare myself for the next semester in Hangzhou. So France taught me ‘merci beaucoup’, USA changed it to 'Thanks a ton man’, and Chinese will evolve it to ‘Xie Xie’ !